UofU App Purchase Options (Starving Student Card is NOT available)
UofU App Purchase Options (Starving Student Card is NOT available)
UofU App Purchase Options (Starving Student Card is NOT available)

UofU App Purchase Options (Starving Student Card is NOT available)

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The Application is normally $60 for the year.  However, for a limited time you can purchase two annual subscriptions for just $40 Total  Don't miss out!  Click on Drop Down Menu For All Buying Options.

For Fundraising or Bulk Rates: Text 801.610.9493

Receive over a $1000 in free offers that can be used just like a gift certificate and over a 1000  exclusive 50% and 2for1 Deals that you can use statewide.  See just a few below.

Get Exclusive offers for things you already do. Download the app for free and check out all the deals in your area.


FREE STUFF JUST LIKE A GIFT CERTIFICATE ~ When You Join get one FREE pizza, seven FREE haircuts, five FREE BYU athletic passes, FREE Comedy Passes, one FREE Utah Country Dance Pass, one FREE Tracy Aviary Admission, one FREE Game of Bowling, one FREE Round of Golf, and One FREE Pearl Necklace.


Choose From Hundreds Of Exclusive Offers!

GET EXCLUSIVE OFFERS FOR: Ice Cream, Treats, Pizza, Sandwiches, Burgers, Restaurants, Entertainment, or Retail Services. We have your food and entertainment covered. Try out the Smart Savers Club App today. You will find that you probably are already going to these places. See what you are missing.

The main reasons why you should join the BYU Store Smart Savers Club:

FREE Deals: You get access to $1,000 of totally free food, activities, and services. Can it get better than free?

Premium deals: Our program has $1,000s of dollars of savings in 2 for 1 and 50% off deals. Our program gives you a total savings of $7,500 - $12,500. Start saving your cash now!

Local deals: All of our deals are in your local area. Yep, forget all the deals that are miles, upon miles, upon miles away. These deals are easy to use and at place you already go regularly.

Size and Usability: Our app and cards rock – they are well organize and they fold up and fit in a purse or wallet. No more carrying around a brick or leaving it at home because it’s just too big to be useful.


See Why Our Members Love Our Card and Our App. We have been helping locals find new places, save money and have fun just by looking at our deals.

"Amazing! It saves me so much money & I love the places participating. I have saved a lot of money. You will use it all of the time. You won't regret it!"~ Samantha Kirkley 

"I can't help but love the deals - my membership has been paid for many times. I save money and hook up my friends. It is totally worth it. I have saved way more than I thought." Caleb Reeve 

"The 'free stuff' is actually FREE!. I've paid for my card three times over with just the free items and services. I didn't think I would use it that much, but I do and I love it." Sam Bennion