Become A Partner


Great partnerships need a great plan.

Smart Savers Club creates amazing products that are used heavily by individuals, students, couples, families & local businesses. 

If you're looking for an opportunity that not only has significant financial rewards, but want to be involved in a business that makes a difference in people's lives?

You've come to the right place.

As an experienced niche advertising and marketing firm, this is our bread and butter. We've spent over $250,000 developing an app and more than a million dollars refining our program and processes over the last two decades so you don't have to.

Our platform & products use proven in-house trade secrets, processes and UX to drive effortless redemption of high value offers by endusers that is up to 100x more effective for merchants, completely trackable, with high sharing, word-of-mouth, and virality.  In the end it's a WIN-WIN-WIN, whether you are a user trying to save money, a merchants trying to generate new & repeat business or a funraising/corporate partner or just a commissioned sales rep.


Smart Savers Club is not only providing a unique opportunity to rapidly create six and seven figure income opportunities for a few carefully selected marketing partners--but rather than raise money through traditional methods we plan on rewarding the people who ACTUALLY help Smart Savers Club grow and get deals by generously providing stock and/or stock options based on your actual performance, and commiserate with the value add you've provided the company.

The primary goal of this program will be to teach select partners how to create, market and sell an irresistible savings program packed with hundreds of valuable exclusive deals in your area, that are popular, and simple to use and redeem. Our training and consulting program will teach you EXACTLY what to do to guarantee you're successful. Plus, we will keep you from reinventing the wheel, saving both time and money, while helping you to avoid all the serious pitfalls and mistakes everyone else makes.


There are a number of features that will need to be developed to make the program in your area successful and provide a positive user experience:

SECRET 1 | What Business Am I Really In?

SECRET 2 | What Are Offer Acceptability Guidelines?

SECRET 3 | How To Get Exclusive Deals Like Free Offers?

SECRET 4 | How To Get Every Merchant To Say Yes?

SECRET 5 | How To Jump-Start Your Efforts For Instant Profitability?

SECRET 6 | How To Get Fundraisers/Corporate Partners To Make You $$$?

SECRET 7 | How To Run Successful Direct Sales Campaigns?

This is a limited high-level list. If you qualify and are selected to become a Partner our training will cover every secret and detail that will be important. No question will remain unanswered.


The total time to create a compelling product from Start to Market is approximately 12-14 weeks.  For a Detailed Outline Please Contact Us For a Proposal.

Partnering Made Simple

Our program has several tracks. From $0 up to $12k a year.  Choose the Partner Program that is right for you.  If you have scheduled and completed an initial interview and we mutually agree you might be a fit for our program, we can discuss which of our Partnership levels below makes the most sense for you.

Our guarantee to you? Fairer Than Fair. Like with any business purchase or investment, there is normally risk attached.

We want to remove that risk from you and place it on ourselves. Here's how our "NO RISK" Guarantee works:

The overall purpose of our partners program is to rapidly build a worldwide database of valuable offers and generously reward the actual people who helped us accomplish that goal with both the profit from sales, and stock and/or stock options too!

So, if you you complete the training, obtain the required minimum amount of advertising to have a product to sell and you don't make back twice what you paid in the first 90 days? We will return back to you 110% of any training fees (including deposits) you paid.


We have a direct vested interest in your success and  If you don't achieve what we said you would, then you get all your  fees back and WE pay YOU and extra 10%. We are only successful if you are successful, that's why we are being very picky about who we work with.


If you are a self-starter with good people skills and preferably have some advertising, sales, and or fundraising experience and want to earn what you are truly worth PLUS get stock in our company based on your performance?

Please CONTACT US TODAY to schedule an initial interview to join a rapidly growing team.