Sweet Dough Rewards

Sweet Dough Rewards

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The Application is normally $60 for the year.  However, for a limited time you can purchase the app for just $30!  Don't miss out!

Receive over a $1000 in free offers that can be used just like a gift certificate and over a 1000  exclusive 50% and 2for1 Deals that you can use statewide.  See just a few below.


1. Purchase the App. To celebrate the launch of the app for a limited time purchase it for just $30 which is half the normal annual subscription price of $60.  After your purchase you will be sent an email OR ask one of our employees and they provide you with a unique promotional code giving you a one year membership.

2. Download the app hereIPhone or Android.  

3. Click "Join Now" and Register by entering name email, password and zip code).

4. Click "Finish Signing Up".  Enter the promotional code we emailed to you after you made payment, and Under the Promo code a message will appear and turn green saying, "Congratulations your first 12 months is on us". 

Then enter you credit card info (you will not be charged again until your 12 months is up and then the app is only $5 a month if you choose to keep it.)

*SAVINGS GUARANTEE: At the bottom of the app your savings is tracked and if you haven't saved what you paid, we will give you a free membership until you have saved more than double what you paid.)